terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2013

How I Met Your Mother - The Mother

I just wanna make one extra comment about 'The Mother Reveal'


It's not that I thought she was ugly... I really don't think she is ugly. But I must say, I'm a little bit disapointed by her looks.... I mean, I was disapointed the first time I saw the episode, but I couldn't quite put my finger on the why. At first, I was really picturing a blond girl. Then, I thought to myself - "Tamiris, that's ridiculus! You can't expect the mother to just be a blond Hollywood tramp, she should be a real woman, looking as someone lovely and real. I mean, of course, probably the kids were conceived by the neighbor, who' gotta be the provider of the kid's blue eyes, - 'cause neither Ted nor the Mother have light colored eyes. But, you know, you should accept the fact that the mother is not a hot bimbo, she's a normal woman. Deal with it."

And I thought it was the end of it. But, as I was rewatching all seasons this week (I got anxious!), I realized... It was all their fault! I wasn't picturing the mother as a blond girl just because I'm a beauty-stereotypical bitch, but because the castings led me to it! Let's look over the girls that Ted dated - at least the ones who could have been the Mother at some point of the show, or the tricks that the writers played on us: They were ALL blondes!!

Take a look at them:

Season 1: Victoria
She would have been the mother if the show had been canceled.

Season 1: Love Solutions Girl
She would have been Ted's perfect girl, if he hadn't chosen Robin. There were still chances of her being the mother, but they would have to explain why THE HELL she was blond in the pics.

Season 4: Stella
She would have been the mother if the show had been canceled.

Season 6 (ep 01): Cindy's girlfriend
Ted builds up the whole episode, making us think she could be the mother - she's friends with Cindy, the mother's old college roomate, and he wonders if she is the same girl he saw in Cindy's apartment, walking out of the shower. By the end of the episode, she kisses Cindy, showing us she is future Cindy's wife.

Season 6 (ep 24): Girl at the Intersection
Ted made a joke, saying that by sending this girl the flower that was ment for Zoey, he met the kid's Mother. Then he fixes it: "It was just some chick"

I mean, every moment in the show in which we thought "Hey, maybe I'm looking at the mother now", the girl was FUCKING BLOND!

I blame the show for misleading me, and also for making my brain reject Cristina Milioti's beauty for a few seconds. If people think she's not pretty, it's all the the show's fault, for misleading all of us towards imagining a blond mom. And Cristina Milioti is very pretty!

Ok, now it's off my chest... lol